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We Provides World class treatment and Care for Cancer

We have an Information Centre & Administration Office in India. All the treatment procedures are performed at our main centre - "Fuda Cancer Hospital - Guangzhou, China. We are here to create awareness for cancer treatment using our latest technology and to promote the benefits of using such innovative cancer therapies at fuda cancer hospital. Fuda cancer hospital is Clinical Cancer Speciality Center and is well known for its research work in the fields of cancer treatment. More than billions of dollars are spent each year for research work on cancer. We have been awarded by international organisation for our achievement in the field of cancer research and its treatments.

1) Advanced technology is being used to treat cancer patient at fuda cancer hospital which are not available at any other hospital in India.

2) Even the late stage cancer patients have been treated successfully using our latest advanced therapies with the help of medical experts.

3) Traditional therapy that are being used to treat cancer patients in India have been found to be very ineffective and also it treatment leaves many side-effects, whereas treatment given at fuda cancer hospital have been found very effective with minimal side-effects. Fuda is well-known for their minimally invasive therapies, innovative treatments and conventional methods of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery.

4) The hospital has been focusing on early diagnosis and treatment of various cancers in the organs of pancreas, liver, lung, breast, uterus, stomach, oesophagus, Tongue, skin, prostate and larynx, as well as nasopharyngeal cancer, colorectal cancer and lymphoma.

5) In addition to conventional methods of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery, Fuda Cancer Hospital has been innovative in applying its unique "3C + P" Cancer treatment approach, i.e. Cryosurgical Ablation (CSA), Cancer Micro vessel Intervention (CMI), Combined Immunotherapy for cancer (CIC), and Personalized therapy and other new technologies such as Nano knife, seed knife brachytherapy, radiofrequency ablation, photodynamic therapy, and bio immunotherapy. So far, Fuda Cancer Hospital has performed more than 7,000 cases of cryoablations, the most number of cryoablation cases in one hospital around the world.

The right Cancer center turns fears into hope.
  • Who We Are

  • Fuda Cancer Hospital South campus and Fuda Cancer Hospital North campus (collectively called, "Fuda Cancer Hospital") are located in Guangzhou, Guangdong province in the south of China.
  • What We Do

  • At Fuda, we make it a priority to make sure that each patient receives a personalized treatment plan according to his or her unique situation, and medical and treatment history.

Meet Our Team

  • Wang Huaidong
  • Zuo Jiansheng
  • Liu Jianguo
  • Yan Meijun

Meet Our Leaders

  • Professor Xu Kecheng
    Fuda Cancer Hospital Chief President
  • Associate professor Niu Lizhi
    Fuda Cancer Hospital President
  • Dr. Mu Feng
    Fuda Cancer Hospital Vice-president
  • Dr. Li Haibo
    Fuda Cancer Hospital Vice-president